Speeding Ticket Trials

Do not pay that ticket!

If you have received a speeding ticket, you have a right to trial — exercise that right. One of the most sacred rights in our great country of America is a right to trial in a criminal case. Sadly, most Americans do not utilize this right because they assume that it is too time consuming or expensive, but they are wrong.

Hire Matthew Pillado, PLLC, and most likely the only court appearance you will make is the day you sit by our side and watch us defend you in court! 

Our passion is your defense.

Price & Time

Our prices are reasonable. Class C tickets usually include a fine and court costs sometimes totaling as much as $500. Your money is better spent hiring us to go to trial for you. Make the city work for your conviction — do not just accept the plea deal and pay those outrageous fees. If you are passionate about fighting your case, call us at 1-800-672-3911 and set up a quick phone consultation. We can handle most cases over the phone, but if you want to meet in person, we have offices in Dallas and Hurst. Often times, you only need to appear in court with us the day of trial, and watch us fight for your speeding ticket or Class C citation.

We offer free consults with a free case evaluation.

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