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At Mathew Pillado PLLC., we take commercial vehicle accidents very seriously.

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An Accident Involving 18-Wheelers

Due to the size of commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, and semi-trucks serious injuries or deaths can result from collisions with semi-trucks and 18-wheeler wrecks. A commercial motor vehicle accident is potentially more serious than a regular car wreck and you need a big truck wreck lawyer who knows how the field is lain. Injured victims of the negligence of commercial vehicle drivers are entitled to be compensated for medical expenses. The professional drivers and the companies who employ them have liability.

Do you need a Lawyer?

Yes, it is vital to preserving your rights and the well being of your family that you get the best big truck accident attorney in Texas.18-wheeler truck wrecks are serious business and the need for legal representation is important.

Let the experienced car accident attorneys of the Law Firm of Matthew Pillado, PLLC protect your rights and get you the most money for your injuries and damages.

 The companies that own the big trucks have experiance with missleading victims of wrecks that were due to the negligence of their professional drives. 18-Wheeler wrecks are handled by specialists at the insurance company and their single job is to attempt to limit the liability of their customers. You need experienced lawyers who understand how to achieve the very best 18-wheeler truck accident settlement possible.

If you are looking for an 18-wheeler truck wreck lawyer in Dallas & Fort Worth area or if you live in Midland, Texas; Odessa, Texas and need a commercial vehicle accident attorney, call Matthew Pillado PLLC.

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Suffering from Fatal 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents.

If your family or loved ones have been the victim of a fatal 18-Wheeler Truck wreck, let the personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Matthew Pillado PLLC. assist with your semi truck accident fatality lawsuit. The loss of a loved one to a catastrophic semi-truck accident, the pain and suffering an individual or family of the deceased goes through after a wrongful death afflicts their family, can be monumental. Get the best 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in Texas, contact the personal injury & car accident team at the Law Firm of Matthew Pilllado, today.

The Best Big Truck Accident Lawyers in Texas

Our personal injury team at Matthew Pilllado PLLC. understands the emotional distress that the loved ones of a victim of an 18-wheeler big truck accident fatality experience. You deserve compensation for pain & suffering, for the loss of your loved one in the accident, and for the loss of the companionship or mentorship of your loved one. The professional commercial drivers of 18-wheeler trucks and their companies are absolutely liable for the performance or recklessness of the big truck that caused this situation. The personal injury team at Matthew Pillado will guide you through the wrongful death semi truck collision lawsuit, allowing you peace of mind and the ability to grieve while our lawyers prove the 18-wheeler driver and company is at fault.

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