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How can Matthew Pillado, PLLC help me with contracts?

Contracts are used in just about every aspect of our lives; they are used in the agreement you sign with your attorney, your cell phone provider, your Landlord, your contractor. The benefit of a written contract is that you have a written document showing what is expected from each person. Sometimes those expectations and words lead to different interpretations.

Take for example the phrase often seen in a remodeling contract–“Painter agrees to paint the walls blue.” This leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Does the painter have to use a certain brand of blue paint? What if the wall needs more than one coat of blue paint? Does the painter need to prep and then paint the walls before painting? How long will it take the painter to paint the bathroom? How long will the paint last? Is there a warranty?

If these items are not in the contract, chances are there will be a disagreement between the painter and the person hiring the painter. This is where Matthew Pillado, PLLC can come in and help clarify the contract. If need be, they can help enforce the contract through legal measures.

What does Matthew Pillado, PLLC typically do in a contract dispute?

Every contract is different, so we would have to review the contract to see what remedies are available for you. But it helps to have us review the contract before you sign, so as to ensure a fair and equitable contract. Often times, people not well-versed in contract law, can end up signing a document that is not beneficial to them.

Here is a general overview of what we do in contract issues. Keep in mind that every situation is different and we must review to give you a more precise and detailed answer.

Typically we can:

  • Expose the potential trouble or issues spots in the contract.
  • Highlight and explore any remedies within the contract and the law should the contract be breached by either party.
  • Make sure the contract meets client’s goals–both short-term and long term.

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