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We prepare a strong legal defense if we need to go to trial. You must be tough and smart when defending against criminal charges, and our criminal attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC embody those characteristics. We are always ready to go to trial, no matter the charge.

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Who’s helping you?

  • We make sure that any interviews and potential evidence gathered by the police are legit and accurate.
  • We provide the necessary expertise to give you advice about your case and evaluate any plea deal or offer the prosecution may present you.
  • In federal court, we accurately review all federal sentencing guidelines.
  • We conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation. Most attorneys do not do this themselves, but we do.

Keep in mind that the prosecution has already begun building their case against you. Behind the scenes, they are working aggressively to strengthen their case. The prosecution has tax dollars to spend and can work tirelessly in their efforts. Criminal charges very often have life-altering consequences, your chances of beating the prosecution are limited

We practice aggressive criminal defense.

We like to get the evidence ASAP and then review it ASAP. Once we review the evidence, we like to sit down with our client and discuss how we can begin attacking the legal case.

Every case is different, but we can typically gather most of the evidence and do an initial review of the evidence within one week of hiring us. Keep in mind sometimes lab reports for blood or DNA can take longer.

In those cases, we still like to get whatever discovery is available. Communication is also a big part of our practice. We always strive to keep our clients updated and let them know what is going on with their cases

Do the criminal charges fit the crime?

In the field of criminal law, every crime contains certain elements that must be proven by the state of Texas or the United States government. If the state of Texas cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt each and every element of the criminal offense, then the defendant should not be found guilty.

This matters because oftentimes the state of Texas, through the local prosecutors, will try to overcharge an individual. Prosecutors want to gain a conviction on the most severe crime possible. As such, they may get overzealous and charge someone for a crime for which they are not guilty. For example, a person may be guilty of manslaughter, but not necessarily of capital murder. Both crimes indicate that some crime has been committed, but capital murder means that the defendant could be executed.

It is important to make sure that the defendant is being prosecuted for the right crime. If the defendant is being overcharged by the prosecutor’s office, then the defendant may not be guilty of that crime.

What does “cloak of innocence” mean?

The truth is that even though a person is arrested, they are still considered innocent until proven guilty. Given the television crime shows and lawyer movies, it may seem that a person is actually guilty until proven innocent. Sadly, this is the perception of the normal average person.

One of the roles of a criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the individuals sitting in the jury box know and understand that the person on trial is innocent. It is not until all the evidence and defenses have been heard can this cloak of innocence be removed.

Any good criminal defense attorney will tell you that this battle to find objective and balanced jurors is fought and won during voir dire, otherwise known as a preliminary examination.

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