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What is an expungement or expunction in Texas?

An expunction of criminal records (also called an expungement) is defined in Chapter 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

If your charge is expunged, all records of the arrest, case and criminal charges are destroyed. Once an offense is expunged, all information is removed and the person can deny that the incident ever occurred.

However, not all offenses are eligible for expungement.

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How much does an expungement or expunction cost in Texas?

The fee varies based on the county. Expungement fees alone are $350 to $500. On top of the county fees, a defense attorney can charge anywhere from $750 to $1,500, depending on the facts. It is important to hire a lawyer because if the expungement or expunction is not done properly, the fees paid to the county may end up being a waste.

Matthew Pillado PLLC has payment plan options so you can hire an experienced and aggressive expungement lawyer on your budget.

What types of records are eligible for expunction?

  • An arrest that never resulted in a charge
  • A criminal charge that was dismissed
  • Some misdemeanor juvenile offenses
  • A conviction for a crime that was later acquired by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals
  • A conviction for a crime that was later pardoned by the governor

What is the difference between an expunction and a nondisclosure in Texas?

  • An expunction gets rid of the entire record while a nondisclosure only keeps records from being accessed by certain private parties. In a nondisclosure, the records remain available to government entities and may be admissible in certain court actions.
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