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A felony conviction can quickly change the course of your life.

In fact, life imprisonment and the death penalty may apply to certain situations in Texas. However, your case is not over yet: You have a chance to confront the prosecution in court.

Our persistent lawyers can represent you throughout felony trials and appeals. Serving the Dallas area, Matthew Pillado PLLC works to protect our clients from harsh penalties and convictions. We can assess your situation and give you honest, straightforward legal advice.

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What are the possible penalties?

A felony is a high-level criminal offense such as:

  • Serious theft offenses
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Repeat or significant DWI s
  • Rape and other sex crimes

Certain drug crimes The consequences of a conviction may span several areas of your life. The immediate penalties could involve jail time and fines, which are dependent on the degree of felony. Even after the sentence is over, a conviction can affect your employment opportunities, child custody, housing and more.

Because the stakes are high in felony cases, you need to seek an attentive, aggressive criminal defense attorney. We know how important it is to fight with passion, strategy, and determination. Speak with our skilled criminal lawyers to begin building your defense today.

Despite whatever odds you may face, we are ready to pursue every option in your defense. From the start of your case, we can work to get a dismissal or reduction of the charges outright. We can determine your options and fight for your freedom.

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