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What is a parole packet in relation to The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)?

  • A parole packet is not required and is not necessary for an inmate to be considered for parole. But if a TDCJ offender can clearly and succinctly present themselves through a parole packet, then it can help him or her.
  • A parole packet will typically include an introduction letter to the Board of Pardons and Paroles (BPP), a parole plan, background history (including criminal, disciplinary, educational, employment and substance abuse), spiritual development, goals, support letters and awards or certificates.
  • The parole packet is used to make you stand out in a positive way to the parole board.
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Why is Matthew Pillado PLLC different than most parole attorneys or parole law firms?

At our law firm, the attorney who will be preparing the parole packet for you or your loved one will actually go out and visit the Texas inmate face to face. This helps to ensure that all parole packets are custom and personalized.

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Why does it matter if you go & meet the inmate face to face in the Texas Prison?

  • It matters because, at Matthew Pillado PLLC, we know that preparation for parole begins long before your actual parole hearing date. One of the main goals for parole is that you go out into society and contribute in some form — whether that is being gainfully employed, helping raise your children, or helping your spouse, mother or father.
  • In order to prove they will be a contributing member of society, the offender must believe they will be able to fulfill their plan and just want to change for no other reason than the offender wants to be a better person.
  • Once the attorney is able to meet with the offender and help provide those steps to achieve this mindset, it will help the attorney create a customized, personable parole packet. For this reason, it is important to hire a parole attorney far in advance — preferably as soon as they know the inmate’s next review date. This review date can be as far in advance as one year or sometimes even two years.

Is the parole packet you prepare a from template?

No, we never use form templates. We meet with every client in the Texas prison and discuss his or her specific needs. From that point on, most of the communication will be written or by phone, but in order to fully understand a person or inmate, it is important we meet and talk with him or her in person.

This will help the attorney craft a more personal parole packet and see how much of a plan the inmate has for his future parole.

Why does the inmate need to have a mindset that they want to change?

  • First, because they need to be prepared for the real world and the mindset that they are a value to society and will do well, are imperative to them coming out and doing some good.
  • Next, it allows the attorney to see where the inmate is in the planning process. For example, does the TDCJ offender has somewhere to stay, has he or she secured employment once released, or is there a support system. All these can be answered by questionnaire but it is better when attorneys are able to discuss possible options as opposed to just giving and receiving a form with written questions and answers.


  • Finally, if the inmate is not invested in his own parole, then the board will be able to see right through the parole packet. It is important to view the parole attorney and TDCJ inmate as a partner and not simply as a paper-pusher filling out paperwork.

What should I consider when looking at a parole packet attorney?

See if they will go and visit the Texas inmate. This matters. How can you prepare a parole packet if you know nothing about the person?

  • How are they going to prepare a parole packet? Are they going to fill in the blank template forms they send to the parole board or is each client different and deserving of separate forms?
  • How accessible are they? Do they return phone calls or emails?

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Can I just do the parole packet myself either as the TDCJ inmate or for a TDCJ inmate?

  • You can but oftentimes a regular person will not know exactly what to do, or what are the best practices. For example, some families will try and send upward of 10 support letters when you really should have about four.
  • Also, many family members will not know what to write or what to include, or what is even relevant. Also, there are situations where an inmate has claimed innocence the entire time and it is not clear how the inmate should address the parole board.
  • All these situations come up and require an attorney to help guide and counsel people.

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